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  Reinforced concrete pontoons 


The floating marinas made of reinforced concrete are extremely strong and ageless. They do not require any special care. Reinforced concrete marinas are also called "heavy duty" as they are very high capacity. Mooring fingers or other accessories may be attached.

Following measurements stated below are for one module.
Modules can be combined to form piers of a variety of lengths and shapes.

"GB 4-2-12"
Length = 12 m
Width = 4 m
Height = 2 m

"GB 2,7-1-12"
Length = 12 m
Width = 2,7 m
Height = 1 m
(~ 0,5 m under water)

"GB 2,7-1-15"
Length = 15 m
Width = 2,7 m
Height = 1 m (~ 0,5 m under water)


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  Concrete pontoons  

Concrete pontoons are highly resistant to environmental impacts, and require no maintenance and are ageless. These pontoons are with large carrying capacity.

Concrete piers are made of segments, which may be combined  into desired form marinas. Even after installation customer will be able to modify the form of the pier.

The surface of a pontoon is wooden. 


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  Wooden pontoons

Wooden pontoon frame is made of impregnated wood that isresistant to the environmental effects, so it does not require any further treatment or care.

Wooden pontoon pier size and form depends on the customer preferences. Even after installation, customer can modify the form of marina -
connecting pontoons  in other directions.

The engine mounted on a wooden pontoon will give you even more entertainment.

Mooring fingers or other accessories may be attached.


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  Wooden springboards

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  Wooden arbors

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  Mooring fingers


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